Product review : Face Halo

Taking off your makeup can be the most satisfying or the most tedious task. After a day of a full face of makeup taking it off and feeling fresh faced is heavenly, but depending on your removal method, it can be a laborious, time consuming chore.

Before we get to the good bit, and I rave about this product, lets look at the ones that don’t cut the mustard.

Face wipes : 
The biggest ”no no” going. Yes they may be convenient and often cheap, but in order to stay moist they have alcohol in them, which dries out your skin and irritates it. Plus, personally, I feel it makes your skin feel horrible afterward. The less said about these the better.

Micellar water:
This product saw a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Already known to the skin-care savvy, brands such as Bioderma were already selling it in France, making it the holy grail quest for any MUA travelling to the continent. Although this is a great one for your skin it isn’t always man enough to cut through waterproof makeup, causing repeat scrubbing, which can be painful.

Oil removers:
You shake them, after a few scrubs they take off even waterproof products, but they leave an oily residue, your skin won’t feel great and unless you want to feel oily all evening you will need to use another product to get your skin feeling fresh.
They also come in small bottles so you go though it quickly and often run out unless your stocked up.

Now comes the life changer – cue the angelic music.

The Face Halo

This small disc, made up of fibres, 100 times finer than human hair, can be used with either hot or cold water, and in one swipe will remove even the most long-lasting products. Now when I heard about them and read the reviews I didn’t believe it, I was skeptical, but let me tell you, I am a true believer now. Like a born again Christian, I will preach this at the top of my lungs from the roof tops:


I jump in the shower of an evening will a full face of makeup and in one quick and easy wipe I am as fresh as a daisy.

And I haven’t even got to the best part, they are inexpensive, and reusable. Just rinse with soap after use, and watch the dirty water swirl down the plug satisfyingly, every now and then chuck it in the washing machine with NO fabric softener and watch it last up to 200 washes!

Never get caught short again running out of remover, stop wasting your money on multiple expensive products to remove your makeup and make the small investment into a Face Halo now. Trust me you won’t regret it. 


Welcome to the second edition of my quest for colour match utopia. I had every intention of uploading a weekly blog post, but unfortunately life got in the way.

So as I tear myself away from my glamours and exciting waitressing job (that’s getting me through the quiet season) I can now find the time to put you all out of your misery….

I found the one!

Feeling like Juliette when she found her Romeo, or like Elizabeth when she found her Mr Darcey I too have found my match.

But to keep the suspense like an 80’s game show lets talk about the ones that didn’t make the cut.

Many people reading my article suggested a few alternatives.

One being Fenty by Rhianna which boasts shades even suitable for albino skin. Though Fenty’s spectrum of colour is much vaster than most brands I should have specified in the first post that not only am I fussy about the colour but I am also specific about the finish.
I like a very sheer glowy foundation that allows my freckles to peep through but is build-able for slight patches of rosacea that I get on my cheeks.

Although Fenty may fit the bill colour wise the consistency of the foundation is too thick for my liking and dries very quickly making working with it a little like pouring wet cement.

Another recommendation was Doublewear by Estee Lauder. A firm favourite amongst air hostesses for its promised 24h staying power, and a product that I sometimes like to use for work. Once again with my personal preference of a sheer coverage I find double wear too thick and matt.

Finally the last brand that was submitted in the comments was Mac. This cult cosmetic brand that nearly every makeup fanatic is a fan of is one that I have used in the past and continue to use for eyeshadows. However I’m going to go against the grain and hold my hands up and say… I hate mac foundation.

*gasps from the audience*

I know, I know. Its a bold statement, but one that I am willing to stand by. In my personal opinion mac foundations have such a heavy coverage that they completely cover up a persons skin leaving no trace of it visible beneath an orange veil.
Excellent for photos or on camera I personally feel that for day to day life Mac is a little too much.

So who cut the  mayonnaise?
(pun intended) 

I hear you ask with bated breath. Well the answer is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia.
Yes, a shade so white they used a name associated with vast undisturbed planes of snow.
When my colleague saw my bottle of it they remarked that it “looked like double cream”
And though I find the coverage mildly too much I am using it sparingly on everywhere except my rosy cheeks where is has a nice build-able coverage to hid all blemishes. Paired with my Becca backlight dewy primer it gives me the desired look.

So there you have it. For all my pale people out there. Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia. Give it a go.


These days the internet is rife with outraged consumers pointing the finger at cosmetic companies for lack of colour diversity. Accused of not catering for women with darker complexions, many companies, such as Tarte,  have been outed for mainly carrying foundation and concealer for caucasian women with only one or two darker shades.
In the aftermath brands, like Fenty by Rhianna, have come out as pioneers of variety, launching foundation ranges with a colour spectrum of up to 40 different shades. 
“But what about us pale girls?!” I hear someone shout from the back of the room.
And now I’m not talking mid-pale, ‘just haven’t been on holiday in a while’, I’m talking so pale, it looks like you have never seen sunlight. 

I am one of these girls.
My dad likes to call it “Scottish blue”, I just called it ginger. 

I decided to test out just how accommodating different brands were for women of an even smaller minority (Less than 2% of the worlds population is ginger)
So off I went to John Lewis on Oxford Street. A reputable department store, in the capitals famous shopping street with one of the biggest beauty halls I’ve ever been to.
I was excited and confident that I would have a wide range of choice. I imagined that I would have trouble deciding which silky smooth foundation to opt for amongst all my options, and that I would be bombarded with sales girls convincing me their one was the best. 

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

Prepared with my empty bottle of Lancome foundation, (which had always been just a little too dark for me), I beelined for Channel. 

I’ve tried out their foundation before, I know I like the texture, I felt sure that my search would be a short one, and I would find what I was looking for there.
No such luck. 

The shockingly most helpful sales girl of the day, informed me after a sweeping glance at my bottle and the draw of different foundations that they unfortunately didn’t carry anything that pale. I asked her which brands she reckoned would, to which she was Clueless. 

This was a sign of things to come. I then started a slightly insulting crusade of zigzagging from each different counter hoping that they would be of more help. 

I tried : Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Mac, Tom Ford, Urban decay, Nars and a few others that I have blocked out, each person telling me they couldn’t be of any help. Some not even taking the time to check their stock, and just literally looking at my complexion and scoffing before sending me away cap in hand. 

Finally like a beacon of hope Bobbi Brown came through and saved the day.
Though the sales girl wasn’t the most charismatic person, she did managed to help me with my quest and sold me a bottle of Alabaster, which though not a perfect match, does suit my skin tone better than any other foundation I have ever tired. 

Next week I will compile a list of other alternative brands, and will hopefully be one step closer to finding a fitting foundation.